Mind Over Mountains is designed to help remove the stigma around mental health illness

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Why Mental Health?

Mental illnesses are among the leading causes of disabilities around the world, with depression being the third. One in five adults experience mental illness, accounting for 15% of the total global burden of disease and what’s truly important is that the vast majority of these individuals do not receive the care that can transform their lives – care that over and above medical and psychological treatment, includes social intervention. Barclays' has chosen to support ‘Mind over Mountains’ as part of its commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of its employees and in the belief that mental health is something that should be spoken about openly and honestly.

Mind over Mountains

‘Mind Over Mountains’ has been designed to help bridge the gap between the knowledge we have and how we can actually use that knowledge in the everyday world to transform the lives of people affected by mental illness. This challenge will provide an effective platform to engage and educate participating Barclays employees on mental health issues, with some of the world’s leading ambassadors in this space, whilst raising funds for and supporting related charities within the region.

Our ultimate vision is to work together to collectively remove the suffering, shame & discrimination associated with mental health illness.

Our Charities

Everyone that takes part in Mind over Mountains will be tasked with raising 500 USD for one of the below charities (dependent upon your country of residence). Collectively, our mission is to raise over 50,000 USD to support mental health charities in Asia. Each of the charities listed below maintains an existing relationship with Barclays and has been identified by Barclays.


Mind HK, Hong Kong

Mind HK is a mental health initiative to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. Visit their website here.


Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), Singapore

SAMH strives to improve the lives of persons with mental health issues through rehabilitation and reintegration. Visit their website here.


Applause Minami Aoyama, Japan

AMA provides adults with developmental disorders and other disabilities with a place where they can work, while learning skills such as flower arrangement as part of a friendly group. Visit their website here.

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The Banyan, India

Since 1993, The Banyan has developed a variety of holistic mental health solutions that address multifaceted components of distress that those with mental health issues face. Visit their website here.

About Just Challenge

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To find out more, visit the Just Challenge website here.


In participating in this event, you acknowledge and agree that this challenge is solely organized and executed by Challenges Unlimited. Barclays Bank PLC or any of its affiliates (“Barclays”) is neither responsible nor liable for any aspect of this challenge, or for any risks that you may be exposed to by participating in the challenge, and the consequences of those risks. Your participation in the challenge is wholly voluntary and at your own risk and responsibility, and does not fall within the scope of your employment with Barclays, and you acknowledge that any injury, illness, death, loss, damage or expense, cost or other claim of any description suffered by you in connection with this challenge does not arise out of and/or in the course of your employment with Barclays. Barclays shall have the right and benefit to enforce this provision.